Dream team

Create your own team

To begin the journey you need to select your team roster. The squad must have enough 15 players including 2 Goalkeepers – 5 Defenders – 5 Midfielders – 3 Strikers. Your team has maximum 2 captains which can get more points than others. And don't forget to name your dream team!

Line - up

After you have bought 15 players for yourself, you will have to choose 11 official players for each round. All scores are calculated according to the real-life performance of the players in the Premier league. To score high, you need to choose players from teams with a high probability of winning, who can score a lot in a match.

Choose your captain

The captain is the key factor that has helped your team achieve outstanding scores or maintain stability. The player selected as the captain will double the score. Of course, if he gets a negative score, it will also be doubled. Each team has a Captain and a vice-captain. If the captain doesn't play in a match, double points are transferred to the vice-captain.

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