Players' scores are based on real-life competition. The score will be updated continuously during the round. Each player who plays in a match will be scored based on their performance on the field. For example, Jando Sancho, the midfielder of MU, in the match with Liverpool scored 1 goal, and MU kept a clean sheet in more than 60 "while he was playing on the field, the score of Sancho will be: 11.

  • 5 points - Goal scored by a midfielder

  • 4 points - Clean sheet

  • 2 points - Playing 60 minutes or more

Total: 11 points

Your team's score after 1 round is the sum of the scores of the 11 official players on the field (or substituted) won in that round.

Action Point

Noted: Player data in each match are provided by FPL We will soon update the specific rules for calculating a player's score.

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