🎮Game mode

Users can find matches and compete with others after creating their ideal team. There are two game modes available: PVE and PVP


In PvE mode, users can quickly enter matches and compete against AI coaches. Each coach will use a different strategy, each with their own set of advantages. To win the game, you must thoroughly analyze their strategy and prepare a suitable squad.

**The specific method for calculating the win rate will be updated shortly**


Instead of competing against AI coaches all the time, users will soon be able to compete against one another based on real-life tournaments. All coaches join in the tournament host which hosted by GoatFi every week. The best Team in each Tournament is the one that finishes the Tournament with the most points. The Team's points are the sum of the points of each of the players on the Team. Each player's points are awarded based on the player's actual performance during the Tournament.

The best Teams in each Tournament win prizes

Player scores will be taken from real data on the matches of The Premier League, LaLiGa,.. and World Cup.

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